miércoles, 1 de junio de 2011

Bored Wednesday!..

Hi.. today i'm here editing my blog.. so I think I can use it.. i'm bored here in my bedroom.. watching T.V.. i'm going to talk about my day!.. 7a.m to 11a.m I had classes.. just math, logic, and physics, today the teacher gave me my note, 15(like a C) in math,, it's not good, but it can be worst xD... jeje.. today was Mariannys' birthday.. we couldn't celebrate it because she's from another city away from here... so she had to back to her town, maybe tomorrow we're(my friends and I)going to celebrate it!, and you know eat a peace of cake..Today at 5p.m I went to practice ping pong(table tennis) at the university.. this term it's the table tennis tournament, at the end of the term, they'll say who is the winner..

 well that was my Wednesday.. maybe you could say "Why do you say bored if it was interesting?".. because when you do the same thing at the same day it transforms in your routine..

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