lunes, 27 de junio de 2011

My Daily Routine

My Daily Routine
this is my daily routine, my starts at 5:40a.m getting up.. then I take a shower and brush my teeth after that I get dress, I go to the University at 6:30a.m to 11:00a.m, I eat my breakfast in the break between my classes.
In the midday I have my lunch at home.
In the afternoon I practice ping pong in URBE at 5:00 p.m to 7:00 p.m or study(when I don't practice table tennis)
I go to the bed early at 9:00p.m

this is my daily routine.. it looks boring because IT IS!..

domingo, 26 de junio de 2011

A poem for my dad

I feel safe when you are with me
You show me fun things to do
You make my life much better
The best father I know is you

miércoles, 1 de junio de 2011

Bored Wednesday!..

Hi.. today i'm here editing my blog.. so I think I can use it.. i'm bored here in my bedroom.. watching T.V.. i'm going to talk about my day!.. 7a.m to 11a.m I had classes.. just math, logic, and physics, today the teacher gave me my note, 15(like a C) in math,, it's not good, but it can be worst xD... jeje.. today was Mariannys' birthday.. we couldn't celebrate it because she's from another city away from here... so she had to back to her town, maybe tomorrow we're(my friends and I)going to celebrate it!, and you know eat a peace of cake..Today at 5p.m I went to practice ping pong(table tennis) at the university.. this term it's the table tennis tournament, at the end of the term, they'll say who is the winner..

 well that was my Wednesday.. maybe you could say "Why do you say bored if it was interesting?".. because when you do the same thing at the same day it transforms in your routine..

domingo, 29 de mayo de 2011

My week and weekend!

This my "schedule"... I'll go to class 7 am to 11am every weekday...Monday in the afternoon i'll practice ping pong Thursday after class i'll go to a mall with my friends... I have a great time.. lunching and joking... Wednesday in the afternoon I study and then i practice ping pong... Tuesday after class i just relax.. play Xbox or sleep(like almost all the time)... Friday after class I just go to practice ping pong.. and then sleep. Saturday i'll go to Carora to visit my family, my friends, i'll go out in the night but sometimes i just stay home... Sunday go back to maracaibo and i'll go to a mall to have a relax time... dinner or shopping or at movies..

Father's Day

Father's Day!

lunes, 23 de mayo de 2011

Hi, This is me..

My sister and me

Hi, My name is Jose Manuel Avila Gomez and you can call me "chemanu", I'm eighteen years old and I'm from Carora, but I'm living in maracaibo, I live with my brother and his wife, They are engineers... well.. I'm an student of URBE, I'm studying engineering, I love music.. without that i think i'll go crazy, I listen to all genres...

So.. what else?... mmmm..(thinking)... My favorite book is "The Analyst" it's awesome.. and interesting!!... i read it in only 3 months(it has too many pages).. now i'm looking for a new book.. you can recommend me one just leave a comment xD... My favorite food is sushi :D.. and pizza!.. I love cook.. i want to be a chef.. I hope next year i'll start that course... almost all the time i'm tweeting (hey! wait a minute.. follow me @chemanuavila) and playing Xbox 360..but wednesday is for study..I don't like smoke.. and liars..
Well.. My dream is graduate (like everybody).. and travel to London (just travel i love Venezuela)...

II'm learning English.. it's a simple language but in this time its a need.. i'm level 2.. I like it..

Well..That's me.. I'm a guy of few words.. if you want to know something else just leave a comment.. jajaja well you have to leave a comment I said it like 20 times! so LEAVE A COMMENT!(joking)..

"Make the impossible possible.. You just need perseverance"

Jose Avila